web services

web services

For web services, contact web@unicorns.gay & all prices are negotiable.


Free For As Long As I Can: Basic package; 1 matching Subdomain/Email Forwarding set, some restrictions apply. Fill out this form. Available domains include: fundelein.fun fundelein.com dank-meme.xyz unicorns.gay hoho.gay mew2.co felixculpa.quest wobbuffet.com algorerhythm.live xb.wtf

Oddish.VIP: This is a triple-beta double-alpha art-project & competitive plant-based URL-aggregator. Are you odd or just odd-ish? Sign Up Now!

Social Media Influencer Package; Starting At $5: 1 Custom Domain Forwarder w/2 Subdomain Forwarders & 3 Email Forwarders. Example: yourbrand.xyz forwards to your Twitter, shop.yourbrand.xyz forwards to your Etsy, donate.yourbrand.xyz forwards to a charity you like. Use admin@yourbrand.xyz for professional purposes, spam@yourbrand.xyz for random websites (forwards to spam inbox), give VIP@yourbrand.xyz to your biggest fan.

Enterprise Package; $25+: A hosted WordPress webpage forwarded to from 1 Custom Domain. 5 Subdomain Forwarders & 5 Email Forwarders. This is the Paid version of Oddish.VIP and I can add many “Premium” features to your webpage. Example: yourbrand.xyz forwards to mydomain.com/x0x0x which features information about your brand, a collection of your favorite links, a video tour of your coffee shop or cubicle, and/or a recent sample from your social media, plus (almost) anything you can (briefly) dream. Then you can assign your 5 best employees the powers of Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, & Heart, enabling each element@yourbrand.xyz to forward to their inbox, and each element.yourbrand.xyz to forward to their LinkedIn profile, and they can print both on their business cards or add them to their Twitter bios.

Serious Business; $125+: A Custom WordPress website including Hosting and a lot of Bandwidth on a Custom Domain. 10 Subdomain Forwarders & 10 Email Forwarders. Access to Dashboard for plugin control, content management, monitoring analytics, & more. This is what a real web dev charges for 1 hour but I’ll give you at least a fortnite.

Burn Startup Seed-Money; $625+: I will actually learn how to make a real website or whatever but don’t get your hopes up.

Emoji/Foreign Language Domains; $free but weird: Unicode accepted, including modified Emoji, silly fonts, upside down letters, etc. Learn more at hns.wobbuffet.com

SSL Certificate MAYBE EDITION; $42: This is actually free but it’s really hard so I might give up.

SSL Certificate GUARANTEED EDITION; $100: I will pay someone $50 to install your SSL Certificate and pocket the difference.

Wildcard Email Forwarder; $11+: “Unlimited” (at least ~88ish) forwarding email addresses to 1 total inbox from a custom domain from another package, or add cost of domain plus 10% for Wildcard Email Forwarding Only. Example: you can create dozens of email addresses like fb2@realfake.pw reddit4@realfake.pw ceo@realfake.pw humanresources@realfake.pw 1@realfake.pw etc on the fly and they will all automatically forward to your Gmail.

Custom “Yoga” Packages; $????: These are flexible; let me know what web services you want & I will figure something out or suggest someone else. Example: post schedulers, crypto, premium, account verificationer/ee, international payment, promotion, social management, spreadsheets, content generation, artificial intelligence, python, email inboxes, NSFW, apps, plugins, chatbots, cloud stuff, registrar, newsletter, surveys, etc, 100% legal.


Domain: example.com

Subdomain: test.example.com

gTLD (Generic top-level domain)(extension): test.example.com/x0x0x

Page: test.example.com/x0x0x

Subdomain Forwarder: someone types yourname.mydomain.com and visits a webpage of your choice.

Email Forwarder: yourname@mydomain.com sends to your existing inbox but you cannot send from this address (you can reply from your main email).

Custom Domain Forwarder: yourname.com forwards to a webpage of your choice & otherstuff.yourname.com forwards to other stuff.

Custom Email Forwarder: whatever@yourname.com sends to your inbox.

Custom Domains under $2 are included in non-Basic Package Base Prices. There are many good options in the ~$6 range, great choices under $50, some cost $10,000+. There is a company with many Pokemon dot com domains for $3000 and at time of print Luvdisc & Lickilicky dot com are both unregistered & $9/ea. zjp.pw is $7. There are dozens of uncommon extensions with almost anything available under $10, and then 100s more. I am aware of 2 single-character domains available for $13/ea. There are at least 18 extensions currently included under $2, ~1/3 of which are 3 letters (just get .xyz). The coolest extension is .io for $37 & Charizard & Dragonair & Rayquaza are all still available. The worst extensions are .accountants ($18) & .blackfriday ($130) & .cars ($2300). If you want to start a citrus-squeezing company, oj.com is $2.5million but your covid travel-blog 0km.com will cost $16million. If you want to get me a gift, Pokemon.xyz is only $80k, clown.co is $15k, & rick-andmortyadventuresallhundredyearseveryminuterickandmorty.com is a cool $1million. I would also accept joke.art ($600) for my digital portfolio or grinch.net ($7500) for my anti-xmas activism or tarot.adult ($40) for my psychic porn startup but you’ll need to invest ~$100 for special hosting for this last one; it will stream dynamic interactive fantasies from your own imagination directly to your prefrontal cortex.

Add 1 matching Subdomain/Email Forwarding set to any Package, including Basic, for $2/each or 13+/$1/ea.


Must follow all applicable Terms of Service at all times

Secret DIY packages available at NameCheap.com